Farmers Marketing

It’s been well documented that I have a grocery problem.

“Problem” meaning I could spend $1000 a month EASILY at the grocery store. I mean, if the budget (and income) allowed it. I buy, for the most part, good stuff. We eat a lot of fresh stuff, but also a bit of crap. In comparison

I’ve toned it down some. I’m better. I’m in recovery.

But now I’m obsessed with Farmers Markets. Sweet Lord Have Mercy!

Last weekend we hit Your DeKalb Farmers Market. It was heavenly as usual. We came out with a ton of stuff and only spent about $65. Henry was so very excited about picking out funny shaped and colored fruits and vegetables. And *surprise* he ate a lot of it.

Fresh foods for lunch and supper every day. Lots of choices that, unfortunately, Publix doesn’t offer. (Or Fresh Market and Whole Foods, sadly) It was a week of delicious eating.

(side note: why do they call it YOUR Dekalb Farmer’s Market? Is it really mine? I think not.)

Anyway, today we decided to hit up the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

DUDES. Why didn’t you people tell me about this?

It’s close to my house. It’s easy to get to. It’s clean.

It’s like a real grocery store on performance-enhancing drugs.

I… I… I was left speechless.

The aisles were wide. There was a ton of each item. People actually smiled at you and said “excuse me” when they were in your way (I’m never in anybody’s way, but say “scuse me, sorry” all the time.)

The samples… we should’ve just eaten lunch at the sample tables. Henry tried a bunch of new stuff he would have NEVER tried before.

We have a fridge and freezer full of things like live blue crab, dragon fruit, unusual mangoes, seafood dumplings, some sort of Mexican cookies, queso, fresh mozzarella, yellow tomatoes, bread that I don’t know what it’s called but it’s delicious, and all manner of other crazy awesome stuff that I can’t pronounce. For $138.

I know lots of you will disagree with me on this, but in my mind this is how the Atlanta Farmer’s Market analogy goes:

YDFM : WalMart as BHFM : Target.

I’m not sure I need to go to the real grocery store again. I think I’ll be landing at the Buford Highway Farmers Market for food from now on.



#FineChinaFriday and Last Week’s Recap

#FineChinaFriday and Last Week’s Recap


Last week’s #FineChinaFriday was great fun! We had so many fun participants who showed off how they celebrated with their finest dishes.

If you’re still unaware of what this is, check out the original post about #FineChinaFriday.

I promised a post on how to find pieces of china at great prices for those who don’t have any but want to participate. I’m shooting to have that done tomorrow.

But today I just wanted to share some highlights from last week:

Did you see the picture with a TON of pieces of china being dried?

That’s my friend Karen. She had 16 children (ages 4-10) over for a valentine’s day tea party and was inspired to actually break out her grandmother’s china. AND NOT A PIECE WAS BROKEN!!

She wins the awesome award for the week. Which is really just knowing that she’s awesome because I have nothing to offer!

The celebrity award goes to Kim Kardashian who tweeted about her dinner. Thanks to Heather for pointing out that Kim, in fact, participated in #FineChinaFriday. I choose to think she actually knew about it instead of thinking that she eats like that every day. Whatever!

Join us today.

I want to know about it, though.

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There’s Nothing A Short Screw Can’t Fix

There’s Nothing A Short Screw Can’t Fix

We learned a valuable lesson at Thanksgiving yesterday. Sometimes things get tough and stressful and you think they’re going to just be ruined, but then when you realize a little screw can fix all your problems, life doesn’t seem so bad.

You see? When Jason got ready to drop the turkey into the 350* peanut oil, he realized that a tiny pinhole was in the bottom of the pot and panicked. Between the fact that the oil was leaking out, there was an open flame in close proximity and OMG THERE’S A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE POT AND WE HAVE AN 18lb TURKEY TO COOK IN 2 HOURS, we quickly realized we had a small problem.

See? Look at that flame and oil leaking out.

Whatever would we do? What COULD we do? We didn’t just have another giant pot sitting around. We thought and thought, obviously after turning off the gas, and decided to dig through the toolshed.

{This is where you realize you had your mind in the gutter when you read the title to this post.}

Maybe we could just screw a short screw in the hole in the pot to seal it up? Well, couldn’t hurt, could it? Except the oil is hot and we have to get it in there.

But a little finagling, a lot of careful handling, a little bit of spilled oil and a few crossed fingers later, the pot was {hopefully} fixed.

So it worked.

Our turkey cooked up golden brown and crispy, we even made a second smaller one for leftovers and there wasn’t another single drop of oil leaked out of the pot.

We ate ourselves into a coma and enjoyed being surrounded by 26 family members.

All we needed was a good screw to save Thanksgiving!

My Tipping Point

My Tipping Point

My body has decided that at the ripe old age of 35.9 (so close to 36) it’s going to desert me. It’s going to just up and quit and start acting like it hates me. Right now I weigh more than I ever have. It’s not fun. And it’s not pretty. And I’m not happy in my own skin.

I know it’s not completely to blame for the extra 25lbs I’ve got on me or the fact that my only real exercise is walking Henry to school, but it IS to blame for the insane swelling and joint pain. And for the random rashes on my lower legs. Oh, and the fact that my hormones are way out of whack. Yeah, Body, I’m talking to you.

Body, I’m putting you in your place.

Monday I see my doctor to try to figure out why I’m swelling like a puffer fish. Something is going on in my body and I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. My feet and hands and elbows and knees shouldn’t be as swollen as they are. And no, they’re not just fat. I can feel the difference.

I’m tackling the fat, too. All those extra rolls around the middle — UGH.

Starting today, my sweet friend Bonnie at Simple Nutrition and Health is putting me back on track to take my Body back. I’ll be very open and honest, though. My real plan won’t start hard core until Monday. (Tomorrow is Henry’s birthday party and all weekend we have Halloween stuff, so I’m out for one last – in moderation – hoorah!)

Anyway, Bonnie’s whipped me up a meal plan based on my body, what it’s doing, what it’s NOT doing, how I feel and what my end goals are. I have a simple, but powerful, workout plan that I can do at home without spending a fortune on a gym.

Her approach is great. From her website:

We want to make eating right as simple as can be, so you can enjoy your life without it revolving around your diet.

Simple Nutrition and Health’s entire purpose is to give you the knowledge and tools to be the healthiest, happiest you can be. Whether it’s taking control of your health or providing the best nutrition possible for your family, we want to help you!

I saw the words “simple” and “happiest” and that’s what sold me.

She can do this all via Skype, email and chat and is a dream to work with. I’ll be updating y’all on my progress. Monday will be my kickoff day, complete with a picture and all that!

Stay tuned!

ps: Go follow Bonnie at Simple Nutrition and Health on Facebook! She gives out great recipes. Also, contact her if you’re interested in her services. Her rates are great and the support is even better!

Disclaimer: All opinions here are mine, however, Bonnie is providing me with her services in exchange for my posting my results and generally pimping her business out! 

Friday Fun: Brussels Sprouts

Friday Fun: Brussels Sprouts

Nope, you’re not getting a recipe! This is even more awesome than a recipe for roasted almond crusted brussels sprouts!

Did you know that they are my favorite vegetable in the world? Yes, I’m one of the few who love them more than her shoes. Seriously. It’s nothing for us to eat them 4 or 5 times a week.

Today, we hit up Trader Joe’s for some GINORMOUS OLIVES for Jason’s dirty vodka martinis and lo and freaking behold, these were in the produce section.


Have you ever seen such gorgeous Brussels Sprouts? And for sale on the stem? Oh, it was all I could do not to buy the dozen or so stems they had out all at once. Alas, I bought one.


I love how they grow around the stem in a spiral. They certainly are gorgeous.

So we rode in the car and Henry told me all the things he thought they looked like. We decided we’d do a photo shoot when we got home with his new prop!

They can be a shotgun!


They can be a piano.

They can be the Statue of Liberty’s torch!

Obviously they can be a guitar!

Rock it, Henry, on your Brussels sprouts guitar! 

See? This is what childhood’s all about. He enjoyed playing with the sprouts, but I promise he won’t eat one. That’s fine. MORE FOR ME!!

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