Her Last First Day of Football Season

Her Last First Day of Football Season

Football season is here. The countdown has been on since January 6 when Auburn and Florida State faced off in an amazing final BCS National Championship Game before the new Playoff system goes into play. As the clock ticks down and the very first college kickoff is within reach, or even on the same calendar page, plans start being made. Tailgates are planned. Trips to games are scheduled. The excitement builds!

Both of my grandmothers were big football fans. My Mimi (my Dad’s mom) was an NFL gal. Of course, she watched Auburn play, but her Sunday afternoons after my grandfather died were spent watching the NFL. I remember her talking about Refrigerator Perry, Joe Montana, Dan Marino… all those guys who were household names were burned into my brain after hearing her wool suit and pantyhose in all seasons wearing self yell at them on television.

My Grannie, though, she was a college football girl. My Grandaddy much preferred golf and baseball, played as background noise to naps, card games and the heat of summer. But my Grannie? Well, she wanted to watch a hard hitting football game, preferably Auburn, Georgia or Georgia Tech, any day of the week. Those were her grandkids’ alma maters and she did everything she could to support them. Up to and including missing the evening news on Channel 13 to watch a game well past midnight.

I couldn’t help but think about her this weekend.

This time last year we were with her in the ICU, wondering if and when she would recover from the stroke she had suffered on the first Saturday night of football season. She died a few short weeks later.

When I took my walk through her house a few months ago, I only got a few things. I got all the deviled egg dishes I could find, a desk, a few photo albums and a few kitchen items. But the one thing I cherish that sits on my desk is something most people would have thrown into the trash.

It’s my reminder: She had big plans on that Saturday night.

Her Last First Football Saturday

In the emergency room, while she was still able to help us piece together a timeline of when she suffered the strokes, we learned that she did watch the Auburn game and was excited that we won. We know she started the other two games and took her medicine at 10pm. We know she was very mad when we told her that Clemson had beaten Georgia.

She was excited about the start of football season — excited enough to have my aunt write down when and where to watch the important games — and I’m thankful she got to see and enjoy some of it. Getting excited about the start of certain seasons — whether it’s football, NASCAR, deer hunting, golf or hockey — is important. Being able to forward to enjoyable activities is really what life should be about.

This piece of paper is a good reminder to me.

This paper reminds me that she was excited about her evening activities. It reminds me that she always thought about her children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren) and knew that we loved these teams alongside her.

It reminds me that the majority of her last pre-stroke hours were enjoyable for her — spent celebrating her last first day of football season.

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: It’s FALL and #SOCSunday is BACK!

**waves wildly**

Hi there! It’s been a few weeks! I’ve missed y’all and from what I’m seeing, y’all missed #SOCSunday, too! You like dumping your brains out through your fingers, don’tcha?

Thanks for indulging me and for being gracious while I took a little break. I think it was good for my soul and my sanity and probably for Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

If you’re new to #SOCSunday, here’s the deal:

I may (or may not) give a prompt each week. Hopefully my post will go up at midnight Eastern time, but sometimes I’m lazy and forget.

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If you’re feeling stuck, maybe take the prompt and go with it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like there are a million things in your head to get out, just dump your brains. Seriously. Set a timer and write until it goes off. Mid-sentence? Either finish it or just leave it unfinished. Maybe you could complete it later as another post.

And then you link up. That means come back here and leave a link to your post so the others can go read and hopefully comment.

Anyway, it’s quick and easy.

So let’s do it.

Today’s (totally optional) prompt: How Fall makes me feel

stream of consciousness sunday

It’s crisp and cool. Some days it’s still hot and muggy. But it’s Georgia, so that’s par for the course.

The air constantly smells like fried elephant ears and corn dogs from one of a million different fairs in the area. The air after rain starts to smell like wet, decaying leaves. The sound on the TV – all the channels – sounds like Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit.

Fall is my happy place.

It makes me feel wrapped in a blanket of orange and blue shakers and makes me realize that all things must go to sleep so they can regroup – even the trees and flowers.

I feel like I can breathe, even when fall allergies attack my head and nose. I love to run again because it’s not hot. I LONG to run again because I won’t feel like dying when I do.

Did I mention the sound of football on TV? Oh, yeah I did. Well, consider it mentioned again.

Above all, Fall makes me feel alive.


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The Best of 2011

What a fast and furious year, y’all. I decided to end the year with a few of my favorite posts, just in case you missed any of them!


In honor of Auburn’s National Championship victory over Oregon, I present to you the payoff of the Great Blog Bet of 2011 starring iHubby.

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You know how sometimes you go to a fast food place and don’t want 33.7 gallons of high fructose corn crap and just want a water? Yeah that.

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This is most likely one of my favorite memories with Henry ever. From where I sit right now, I see the 16×20 version of the most amazing picture I’ve ever taken — the one of Henry in this post in the NYC Fireman’s hat. Might want to grab a tissue.

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This is the story of my best friend after birthing her first child. It’s pretty funny!

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I’ll spare you Charlie’s birthday post in lieu of a hilarious memory of Charlie and my cat Olivia.

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This post is one of my favorites. I share it with people who are newly grieving, who think that there’s a set time on grief. There’s not.

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Henry has a big heart. And a food heart apparently.

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I hate bathtime. That’s all.

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I can’t pick just one. So you get two for September!

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Remember the fun we had with brussels sprouts? No? Here you go then:

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It was a day for learning a new answer to the big question: How many children do you have?

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The eyes of a child at Christmas… there’s nothing quite like it!

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Our family wishes yours a very happy and prosperous 2012. May it bring nothing but happiness and contentment.

**Don’t forget, if you want to join in on my Thorns, Roses and Rosebuds celebration on Sunday, you can find the information here.

The Oaks

The Oaks

It’s been a long 9 months in the Auburn – Alabama rivalry.

There has been a poisoning. There has been a tornado.

Two sides of the football and state have been devastated.

Alabama’s finest have rallied for our trees. Our finest have rallied for tornado relief.

There has been death of people and of tradition.

These two things have served to both bring together and further divide the people who call Auburn and Alabama their family.

I was in Auburn last weekend and was left speechless when I walked up to the Toomer’s Oaks and saw the sadness in their branches. Yes, there was sadness seeping from each leafless branch of the two trees that have stood tall on the corner of Magnolia and College for generations.

One year ago, this is what Toomer’s Corner looked like, all vibrant and green and ALIVE.

One week ago, THIS is what Toomer’s Corner looked like.

I just… there are no words for how I feel about this. Don’t you see the sadness in the leaves that are left? The branches droop in a way that says, “Goodbye, Auburn, the Loveliest Village on the Plains. Thank you for making us feel at home.”

One man chose to speak for an entire fanbase, alumni group, entire university and desecrate and kill another school’s landmark tradition.

We won’t be broken. We just won’t.

But we’d be lying if we said it didn’t hurt an awful lot. Look at those pictures. Imagine that at least 5 generations have taken part in rolling them after wins by Auburn, celebrated engagements, graduations, as well as other moments in history.

Yes, they’re just trees. Yes, they can be replaced. Yes, there WILL be something for generations to come to roll and gather around. But it won’t be the same.

It will always carry the aftertaste of Spike 80DF and the eerie echo of a twangy “Roh Tahd.”

But Auburn will be ok. We may not win against Alabama tomorrow and our trees are going to have to be cut down soon, but our spirit will never die. Because once you have the Auburn Spirit, it can never be taken from you.


I believe in Auburn and love it.
-George Petrie (1945)
I’m Determined

I’m Determined

If I’m nothing else, I’m determined. I WILL succeed at making my kid an Auburn fan if it kills me!

This past weekend, Jason was off camping with his friends from college. I decided early in the week that I was going to ride over to Auburn to at the very least hang out and just “be” in Auburn. I talked to my friend Jana (Yes, I know WAY more than one Jana… another blog post coming about that soon.) and they were going to be hanging out, too. She looked for tickets for us all and we decided to just play it by ear.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up when I pulled into town.

We made our way to Big Blue Bookstore and purchased a real jersey. You know, to compete with the one Jason bought in Athens a few weeks ago. After heading to Jana’s house and getting ourselves regrouped, we headed off to campus with kids in tow.

Aah… Jordan-Hare stadium!

Henry got to get a poster signed by cheerleaders! He was very excited about that.

Henry, Clem and Ollie. Jana’s kids are precious and they all three had a blast together!

There were some military vehicles in the kid’s area. Henry wasn’t shy to just go up and ask “what is this and what does it do?” of the guy.


They learned that this thingamagigger could shoot a football from Auburn to Columbus and they were like OMG even though they had no idea what that meant!

 Jana and Jana. While we kinda hung in different circles in college, we’ve become better friends as adults which I just LOVE!

Throwing the football! 


At this point, I still had my iPhone. Moments later, not.

But this may go down as one of my favorite pictures of me and my little guy!


No phone here. :(


Have you ever been to a football game where the opposing team’s coach was honored pre-game? Well, I hadn’t either. But now I have.

Pat Sullivan, Auburn’s first Heisman Trophy winner (1971) is the head coach at Samford University and was honored before the game. It’s the 40th season since his amazing Heisman season. The ceremony was moving as he was very humbled to be surrounded by 50ish members of the ’71 team, including Terry Beasley. Both the Auburn team AND Samford team stood on the field and raised their helmets to him.

And then the only reason I wanted Henry to go… to see the Eagle fly. And fly, she did.

She flew and flew and flew and landed right where she was supposed to.

Bring in Aubie, the band…

Get us all worked up…

Remind us we’re ALL IN!


Bring in the team…

And let’s play some football! 

We made it until halftime. Henry enjoyed every single minute of the day and asked when we could come back. Little does he know, we’re pondering riding over for the Iron Bowl!

But until next time…

Farewell Jordan-Hare.


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