Mother’s Day Love. (It’s just like bacon.)

Mother’s Day Love. (It’s just like bacon.)

Apparently I’m loved with the same intensity that people love bacon.

And I’m as pretty as a turtledove.

(also, my scanner’s all jacked up but at the bottom right, there is “Charlie” — a little boy with angel wings and a star in his hand.”)

And I’m 20 something.

How about you? What did your kiddo(s) come up with about you for Mother’s Day?

On Being A Mom

On Being A Mom

Well, it’s Mother’s Day. **heavy sigh**

For those who are new, Mother’s Day begins what I consider the Season of Ick. It starts the spiral of remembering every minute of Charlie’s birth, life and death. The season ends on Father’s Day. Convenient, huh?

I’m a mother. A mother three times over. One pregnancy ended at 13 weeks. One pregnancy ended well and then tragedy struck. One pregnancy brought me the sunshine and the moon and the stars that twinkle over a country sky.

For as much as I’ve lost as a mother, I’ve been blessed a million times over.

Henry, in spite of his normal kid antics, makes me happy to be alive every single second of the day.

His laugh fills my heart and soul with joy that I never thought I could experience, especially “after.”

When we walk, he still instinctively reaches up to hold my hand, even when I walk him to school and go on field trips with him.

You know? I have a lot more to say but there’s something much more important I must do now.

I’m going to just stop writing this post and I’m going to snuggle. Because one day he won’t want to snuggle anymore and I’ll be able to write all about that. But for now?

I’m gonna soak up all the snuggles.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Friday I’m In Love (with these things)

Friday I’m In Love (with these things)

If you’re too young to remember The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love, then you’re too young to be reading this site. 😉 Sorry!


There are some things this week that I’ve really loved and I’m going to share them right here and now.

** My friend wrote about Taking Back Christianity. I’m not sure I’ve read anything I’ve agreed with so much in my entire life. Or at least this month. She hit the nail right on the head.

** The Bloggess is coming to Atlanta next week. I KNOW! I’m definitely going and it sounds like I’ll have a few other girls going with me.

** Angie, my Phickles Pickles friend, has taken #FineChinaFriday and the #TeacupRevolution to a new level. Her new addition, Hottie, was born with a china teacup in its paw.

** Speaking of #FineChinaFriday… play along! Pull out that dusty china, silver or crystal and enjoy whatever you’re having for dinner on it. (Guys, you can put Mom’s breakfast on it on Sunday morning, too — hint hint!)

** My baby is about to finish his first grade year. WHEN DID HE GROW UP? He had a crossover ceremony for Scouts on Tuesday and it was all kinds of adorable.

** It was a week ago now, but if you missed the May The Fourth Be With You party, well, you missed out completely. I promise there’s another post coming about the food and all that. But for now, you just get pictures of the fun! (ps: I assume they give out Mother of the Year awards on Mother’s Day?)

** I get to see my best friend this weekend. We’re going to the lake/pond and she’s going to be doing our photo shoot for the Band Back Together 2013 calendar. Yep. Jason AND I are going to be in a calendar. How awesome is that? I mean, it’s because we have a kid that died so I’d rather NOT have to be in a calendar, but yeah. Never been in one so this is kinda fun!

That’s all I know right now.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and peaceful Mother’s Day.

ps: Men, don’t forget to help the littles get a gift for mom.

pps: If you know someone who has lost a baby and has empty arms, make sure you acknowledge that she, in fact, is a mother. There’s nothing in the world more painful than a Mother’s Day with no baby in your arms.


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