The One Where YOU Get Lucky

The One Where YOU Get Lucky

Once upon a time, there were three girls sitting in a hotel room in rural Georgia. They were minding their own business, putting together costumes for a party, when lo and behold! they declared that they would SURELY all win the Country Outfitter boot giveaways that were being drawn for the next evening.

They were Non-Con attendees, you see. And they were having the time of their little lives. They were high on bad coffee and excellent company, and were determined they were going to emerge victorious after The Pioneer Woman drew the winners of the boots that were being given away.

So the story goes, the girls listened to Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman (for those of you living under a proverbial rock) talk about boogers and shriveling cactus (cacti, cactuses?), and anxiously awaited the drawing. First one name was drawn. Then another. And then a last one.

ALL THREE OF THE GIRLS WON BOOTS. They were obviously lucky.

It was like a bad episode of Oprah. You get boots. YOU get boots! EVERYBODY GETS BOOTS!

There was laughing.

And there was squealing.

And then there was stalking until Ree took a picture with us.

There also may have been photobombing.

Now, you may think this story is BS, but I assure you it is not.


So I got home and ordered my boots with my $150 gift card to Country Outfitter. I knew exactly which ones I wanted. However, the gift card didn’t quite cover them *blushes* so I had to ante up some more dough. But by God, I’ve worked hard and earned them (or something).

My boots arrived. It was like Christmas morning, y’all.

I chose the Old Gringo Tyler Boot. They’re like butter. Seriously. They’re like an old friend already.

They were comfortable enough, but I knew they needed a little breaking in before I would be comfortable wearing them. I’m kinda claustrophobic about shoes and well, they fit a little snug, like a bug in a rug.

I utilized a few non-traditional methods of stretching them out a little.

Mainly using SEC Championship cups. They’re the perfect size to stretch out the tops of the boots. Spray a little water in the inside and shove those bad boys in… boom. Stretched out just enough to slip a pair of jeans in there.

This weekend, I’ll be rocking my new boots at the Auburn-Georgia game (pictures below). I’m hoping they’re my lucky boots and Auburn may pull out a win. Or at least show up to the game!

And *cough* Auburn lost. Whatever.

So here’s where YOU get lucky.

Country Outfitter has given me a $150 gift card to give away to one of you beautiful people.

How to Enter:

MANDATORY: You must CLICK HERE and enter your email address to enter. Country Outfitter will occasionally send you marketing messages. You are welcome to opt out at any time.

For an ADDITIONAL entry please leave a comment below letting me know you entered. 

One lucky winner will be chosen by on November 19.

contest closed 

Disclaimer and other blah blah blah: Must be a US Resident 18 years and older. CountryOutfitter, a retailer of Old Gringo boots is providing a $150 gift card for cowboy boots for me to give one of my readers. Note: I am not giving you MY boots, you will get a $150 gift card and can buy whatever boots you want with it!

This one time, at blog camp…

This one time, at blog camp…

This one time, at blog camp, I found my people and lost my words.

I spent last weekend at Callaway Gardens for the Aiming Low Non-Conference and it was far and away one of the best experiences of my (blogging) life. Anissa and the Aiming Low team did an excellent job pulling all the best parts of conferences and combining them in a way that made the 75-100 people who were there feel like they were at summer camp.

There was much talking, eating, complaining about bad coffee, laughing, crying, and bonding over our common thread… our words.

Meeting the lovely Stephanie and Lindsay in person, seeing other friends for the fourth or fifth time, getting toon swag from JC Little… I can’t put it into words.

Winning boots and photobombing The Pioneer woman… speechless.

You know, nevermind.

Since I can’t find the words to express my overflowing emotions about how wonderful this NonCon was, I’m going to leave you with some pictures.

Unless you were there, it won’t make any sense anyway.

But for those of you I had the lovely opportunity to commune with last weekend, I love you all. And I’m ready for next year. Unless Anissa decides we need to do it twice a year!

And now I’m off to dig through the inspiration from all the strong people I call friends, and find my words.

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