{Wordless Wednesday} Crossing Over

{Wordless Wednesday} Crossing Over

Last night was the crossing over ceremony for the Boy Scouts pack that Henry’s in.

Each boy traveled across a bridge that held planks with each of the Cub Scouting’s 12 Core Values. They were presented with the neckerchiefs for their next rank — in Henry’s case, he’s now moved from Tiger to the trail to becoming a Wolf Cub Scout.

So, that’s not wordless, but here are the pictures. I think he’s proud.

An Eagle and A Bobcat Go To Turner Field…

An Eagle and A Bobcat Go To Turner Field…

Last weekend, Henry got the chance to go on the field before the Atlanta Braves game as part of Scout Night. It was also like Little League night and some other something night. There were a TON of kids in line to walk the field.

We had no idea what to expect, but we got him all uniformed up and headed that way. My mom and dad (Rock) came with us. The plan was for Rock, an Eagle Scout, to walk the field with him. We even gave my dad an early birthday present — a red Scout shirt.

Here’s my little guy when we got in the stadium.

He proceeded to be extremely goofy.

We got to see some little band that came marching in. I’m not sure if this is the official Braves band or what, but they were good.

We waited in line for what seemed like forever. It was like an hour but thankfully we got there when we did because there were a ton of people behind us.

Then we went through the tunnel. It was pretty cool, I’ve gotta say!

Here’s my Eagle and Bobcat scouts.

Henry and I pretended to storm the field. They were SO serious about you not getting close to the grass.

At home plate.

Making the walk. I don’t think he let Rock’s hand go the whole time.

These guys were awesome. I’m not sure who they were, maybe coaches or something? They just stood there and waved and smiled at all the boys that came by. It was kinda cool.

Once we made our way, in the heat, up the elevator to the tippy top of the stadium, we ate. And watched. And danced. And cheered.

We all had a great time!

And I think it’s something Rock and Henry will remember for a long time. I’m proud of my Eagle Scout and my Bobcat Scout.

ps: The Braves lost.

pps: I was disappointed there was no halftime show.

ppps: I know nothing about baseball and plan to keep it that way.

pppps: I ran into a dear friend seconds after texting her to see where she was. Seriously, like hit send and THERE SHE WAS. Freaky. ((waves at Liz))

ppppps: The End.

Tidbits of Information on this #FineChinaFriday

Tidbits of Information on this #FineChinaFriday

Happy Friday.

Boy, these weeks are just flying by. Seems like every time I turn around, it’s Friday again.

First things first. It’s #FineChinaFriday again. Are you participating? Have you started noticing that you’re not as scared of your china and crystal and silver as you were before? I think you have!

Last week, my friend Leah wrote an awesome post about her experience. You should read it.

New here and don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the original post.

So pull out your china. Order a pizza and enjoy!

Remember, I want to know about it!

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In other news, things have been busy around here. School, work, life. It’s just been busy.

Yesterday I went into the office to shoot a video ad. I SO don’t love things like that but it seemed to go well.

I also got to hang out with our new mascot at the Grayson location of Buck Jones Nursery. His name is Buckley and he’s just as sweet as he can be. I interviewed him and you can read that here.

Also, speaking of work, we have some amazing new stuff in our online store. I would love for you to check it out. I’ll even slip you a code for 15% off. Type in BJNONLINE001 at checkout and there you go!


The Kentucky Derby is next weekend. This makes me SO excited, but also very sad. I miss living in Fort Valley and being able to invite all our friends over — ones we rarely saw — and partying like we were really at the Derby. I think (and I hope this isn’t too forward) they miss it, too.

But it’s time to pull out the mint julep cups and start whipping up a batch of simple syrup so we can celebrate in style next Saturday.

Need a mint julep recipe? I have one for you. I even have a non-alcoholic version that’s really quite good. One year at our party there were like 4 pregnant girls. They devoured the non-alcoholic version in no time!

Check them out here.


We’re going to the Braves game tomorrow night. I haven’t been to a Braves game since the opening game at Turner Field a million years ago. It’s Scout night so we’re supposed to get there early with Henry in uniform and they get to have a parade around the field. I can’t tell you how excited he is for this! Yes, I’ll have my camera!


I’ve got a lot of ideas for posts swirling in my head. They’re a little more serious, but that’s usually how they get this time of year. We’re coming up on the Season of Ick — Mother’s Day, Charlie’s Birthday (May 21), Charlie’s Angel Day (June 14) and Father’s Day. Nine years. I have a lot to say. So next time you go to the store, grab a box of Kleenex if those posts make you cry because there will be more between now and then probably.

That’s about all I know.

What are y’all up to this weekend? Can you believe it’s almost May?

Lessons From The Pinewood Derby

Lessons From The Pinewood Derby

Saturday was Derby Day. And no, unfortunately I don’t mean the Kentucky Derby (which I WILL get to one year, dangit). It was Pinewood Derby Day. A time-honored Cub Scout tradition.

The first Pinewood Derby was held in California in 1953. The cubmaster’s son was too small to participate in the Soap Box Derby so he decided that racing small cars would be fun. And a tradition was born.

Boys are given a block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 nails. They are to whittle, saw, whatever these blocks of wood into cars. They can weigh up to 5.0 oz and have to meet certain requirements.

Parents (I’d say dads but one of the most awesome cars was done by a mom in our Den) help the boys carve, paint, sand, decorate and lubricate these little machines.

Henry and Jason worked hard getting their car ready. Many hours went into building the car. Craftsmanship was learned.

There was a lot of discussion about how it was Henry’s first year and they weren’t experts in making cars. We talked about the fact that some kids would win trophies, and some would not. We prepared him for the obvious things.

What we didn’t prepare him for were the lessons he would learn.

We weighed in on Friday night. They were proud that they got the car to 4.99 oz and we left the car to be impounded until race time. This is where the lesson of Following Rules was learned.

Saturday was race day. We walked over to the school with honestly NO idea what to expect. What we found was a room full of excited boys in uniform, and Cubmasters who had worked hours to prepare for this day and have it set up absolutely perfectly. There were moms with cameras and Girl Scouts selling snacks (Henry’s favorite part).

Den 8 was chosen to perform the flag ceremony. Henry was in the Color Guard. He was so excited. We practiced a few times at home before we headed over. He understood it was a very serious task he had been given. But I believe it taught him to be more Patriotic and Respectful.

Then it was race time. Four cars raced at a time. There were 80 cars total (whoa) so each heat took a while. This forced a lesson in Patience.

In the first heat, Henry’s car placed 4th.

After the first heat, the announcer told the crowd that the car that won the first heat, setting a track record, was no longer able to compete. His car had hit the box at the end and a rear axle came off. The rules say that a car cannot be repaired mid-race so he was out of the running. All the boys, but especially that particular one, learned Disappointment.

The races continued. Whenever the names would come up on the screen, the Dens would cheer for whoever was from their group. Even though this was an individual race, the Teamwork and Team Spirit that was shown by the boys was amazing.

Henry placed 1st in another heat and then 4th in the last two (I think) (Jason knows). He wasn’t disappointed and I was extremely proud of that.

HE was proud of his car. Pride was flowing in that cafeteria. The boys were proud of their cars and the parents were proud of their boys. The Dens were proud of their members.

Trophies were awarded. Each boy waited eagerly to see if their name was called. About 20 trophies were given out. But I didn’t see a single boy pitch a fit that he didn’t get one. I love knowing that our sons are learning that in all games in this life, there are winners and there are losers.

Each boy left with a Pinewood Derby patch, a ribbon, a canvas bag, a smile on their face and pride in their heart.

It really couldn’t have been a better day.

ps: The day was great for me. I got to know a few moms better and got invited to Bunco without playing Bunco (aka drinking without husbands or kids) tonight. So I’d say I won.

Mashed Potatoes and Wooden Cars

Mashed Potatoes and Wooden Cars

“But Mom, I think I have stage fright.”

If you’re reading this and think my kid ACTUALLY had stage fright, raise your hand.

I don’t see any hands. Ha! That’s what I thought.

Last night, the first grade sang at the PTA meeting at Henry’s school. It was a very crafty way for them to get parents to fill the cafeteria for the PTA meeting, I must say.

All week, Henry had been telling me they were singing about mashed potatoes. Obviously I didn’t believe him because WHAT?

But dang if they didn’t really sing about mashed potatoes. TWO SONGS, in fact! The other was about noses.

He hammed it up (hahaha ham and mashed potatoes) and boy, does he have some rhythm!

*insert maniacal laughter*

So tonight is weigh-in for the Pinewood Derby. It’s a scouting tradition where dads kids make these little cars out of balsa wood or something and make sure they weigh the right thing so they can go spend a testosterone filled day racing the cars to see whose is the fastest.

Well, the boys spent all day last Saturday putting this car together. Hopefully it’ll be up to snuff and won’t get disqualified or anything.

Tomorrow, we will go hang out at the school to race these little suckers.

I’m pretty sure it will be alcohol-drinking-inducing AND adorable at the same time.

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