Reservations for Two at Waffle House

Reservations for Two at Waffle House

I had completely forgotten that Waffle House does this fun little thing on Valentine’s Day until our friend posted a link to reservations on Facebook. I looked and our “home” Waffle House (yes, we have one that we call our own) didn’t participate, so she said to come to her “home” Waffle House.

So knowing that Jason would be out of town (save the spears, he bought me a Tiffany pearl bracelet), I made reservations for two.

A date with my Henry.

I picked him up from Primrose, completely oblivious to what we were doing and headed over to the Waffle House. I was feeling rather frumpy because I got caught in the sprinklers at work and had frizzy hair and no time to go fix it at home. He was grumpy because he thought we were going somewhere lame.

When we arrived he was surprised because the whole place was transformed into a romantic restaurant.

White tablecloths. Red candles in crystal holders. Silver trays of candy on the tables. The signature round globe light fixtures were draped in red to create a wonderful atmosphere. And the blinds were pulled so it was dark inside.

Cooks and waitresses were in nice white shirts and plain red caps. Extra staff was on hand, greeting customers and taking their names from the reservation list.

In the corner was a prom-like photo backdrop.

We were seated at the bar (our choice, to let other couples have booths) so we could watch our filet mignon grilled cheese and hashbrowns (scattered and covered) being cooked. photo 1

photo 2We ate slowly and talked about our days. He’d had two Valentine’s Day parties so I could tell he was crashing from all the sugar highs!

Two grilled cheese later for him, and two cups of coffee later for me, we were all done.

They brought us dessert – two delicious cake balls – and a glass of sparkling cider in champagne flutes. What a lovely touch!

photo 3

Our friends came in so we chatted with them for a few minutes before we got our prom pictures taken!

photo 5


We snapped one with my phone, but they took one to put in a commemorative sleeve with a mini Polaroid camera. This served two purposes, obviously. One, to give us an instant photograph. The other, to teach my child how to shake a picture to make it develop. (Thanks, Waffle House, for the science lesson)

We left while watching couple after couple file in, some dressed in sequins and suits, some in jeans and t-shirts. Young and old. Regulars and first-timers. Parties of two and parties of eight (4 couples) had a great time.

It was a fabulous evening for me and my funny little Valentine.

I might just ditch the husband again next year for a Valentine’s dinner with Henry again!


**I was not compensated for this post, nor am I a spokesperson for Waffle House. But now I want a waffle.

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