Tuesday afternoon. All day Wednesday.


No phone.

No internet.

No email.

It’s as if we were living in 1994, or worse, the dark ages.

Thank God for cell phones, even though there’s crap service in the office.

Selling plants without being able to connect easily with customers and vendors is hard.

It’s enough to make you shake in the corner.

It’s amazing when you’re in that situation to realize how dependent we are upon technology.

It makes for long days. It makes for frustration.

It’s paralyzing.


Sitting On My Shoulder…

Sitting On My Shoulder…

Today was a second “first day” at Buck Jones for me.

Nearly 14 years ago, fresh out of college and freshly married, I started working at the Woodstock location. There were no nerves at all. I was young, smart, and probably pretty full of myself.

A lot of things have happened, good and bad, in the last 14 years. Some of them caused me to be a little anxious. Some things gave me extra confidence in certain areas. A few of the things made me feel very unsure of myself. But at the same time, I feel very confident in my ability to do this job.

This morning, after dropping Henry off for his first day of 2nd grade. He wasn’t nervous — after all, he’s pretty young, smart, and full of himself! I didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about what he was doing today because I knew he was having a great day. He always does.

But I felt my little angel sitting on my shoulder. I knew he was with me. Charlie was perched in his usual spot — right on my left collarbone, snuggled up against my neck, in his blue and white seersucker gown.

There were a few times today when I talked to vendors I had worked with way back when and they asked what I’d been doing all these years. “Raising a family” is of course, my standard answer. It’s not the time to lay it all out. I’m sure it’ll come up in time because it’s a part of my daily life. I talk about it and it’s just not a secret.

I came home and picked Henry up at his new after school program. He loved it. I knew he would.

But when I pulled out his work and looked at his “All About Me” page that he filled out at school, I realized I was right when I knew Charlie  was with me. He was with both of us today.

family image

I’m always amazed when Henry draws his family for others and includes Charlie (always bigger than him and with wings). It makes me happy and at the same time, extremely sad that I didn’t have a 2nd grader AND a 4th grader today. But I don’t question it. I just hold on to the knowledge that we’re doing the right thing in making sure Henry knows that his family is bigger than it seems.

It’s not surprising that while he was with me today, he was also with Henry. They’re connected in ways I’ll never understand.

Our family will continue to celebrate firsts.

And our boys will celebrate many more firsts together… as brothers… in their own way.


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Beginnings

Summer is coming to a close here in our neck of the woods. It’s time to jump back into the swing of things. School is beginning tomorrow and we are ALL so excited! Second grade for my little man. Where has the time gone?

This has me thinking about beginnings. Every story has a beginning, for without the start there is no finish.

We’ve all started things that have been exciting. Maybe they were in the past or maybe they’re coming up soon. Are you scared of beginnings? Do they excite you?

Today’s (optional) prompt: Beginnings

stream of consciousness sunday

Tomorrow, Henry and I both have a “beginning.”

He starts school and I start work full time. In an office. For the first time in 13 years.

Fresh beginning feel so good. New Sharpie pens. New legal pads. New crayons and notebooks for Henry. New teachers and new bosses. New classmates and new customers.

Beginnings feel a lot like a stew. That first day, you throw all the ingredients into the crock pot. You turn it on and wait. Every few hours, you come to stir. Maybe you have to toss in some pasta or more fragile vegetable. Hours later, your stew is done. You’ve succeeded.

Tomorrow we jump off, into the crock pot. Through second grade and a new job, we’re going to be cooking up some awesomeness!


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News Flash!

Later this week, I’ll have a BlogHer recap post and another fully dedicated post for the Rockettes experience. But first…

On Monday, I will be going back to work full time. 


I wasn’t looking, but it just happened.

I’ve been working for Buck Jones Nursery (where I worked right after I graduated from college) doing their online store and social media for about a year now. My boss called a little over a week ago, with divine timing, and asked if I would be interested in replacing a salesperson who is leaving.

After considering it and talking it over with a very encouraging Jason, it became exciting to me to rejoin the work force. The timing is fantastic and the opportunity is great!

I’m spending this week learning everything I can from Julie at the office, trying to secure after-school care for Henry, and getting the house in order.

Next week I will be selling plants, taking calls, being generally nervous and anxious. I have to remember to breathe and stay centered.

This space (I hope) won’t suffer. I’ll just have to readjust my writing routine.

Wish me luck, y’all.


Climbing, Finishing and Shopping. Oh, and #FineChinaFriday!

Climbing, Finishing and Shopping. Oh, and #FineChinaFriday!

My brain hurts so you get what you get today!

Last Sunday, we went rock climbing with Henry’s Scout den for the end-of-year party.

He did not love it. He’ll tell you he did, but he didn’t.

School ended yesterday. I no longer have a first grader.

This is what the first and last days of first grade look like.

If you haven’t visited in a while, you should check out the online store for the nursery I work for. There’s lots of awesome stuff like this:

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Been to Band Back Together lately? So much awesomeness going on over there. Check it out. You won’t be sorry!

Also, it’s #FineChinaFriday. Party hard. If you’re still unsure what it is, click that little button at the top of the page that says #FineChinaFriday!


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